United Airlines Announces 10 New Policy Changes (DETAILS)

A new report from United Airlines lists 10 policy changes after the passenger removal situation that went viral.

Here they are:

1. United will only call law enforcement if there is a safety or security issue, but not to enforce airline policies. This policy went into effect April 12.

2. Customers who are already seated on the plane won't be asked to give up their seats involuntarily unless safety or security is at risk. This policy went into effect on April 27.

3. The amount of compensation incentives for passengers who voluntarily give up their seats and take a later flight has a new upper limit: $10,000. This will go into effect April 28.

4. By June, United will have a 'customer solutions' team in place to help gate agents get flyers and crews to their final destinations.

5. Crew members traveling for work on United flights must now be booked at least 60 minutes prior to departure. That rule went into effect April 14.

6. In August, United will add annual training for its frontline employees to help them deal with "the most difficult of situations."

7. At the airport and on United's app, there will be an automated check-in system that includes seeking volunteers willing to give up their seats on overbooked flights. United says this system will roll out later this year.

8. The overbooking policy is being adjusted to reduce overbookings on end-of-day flights, flights on smaller aircraft and others where the volunteer rates have been low.

9. The airline is rolling out an "in the moment" app for employees that will let them easily - and proactively - compensate passengers with mileage credits or other perks when something goes wrong. Flight attendants will have the app by July, said United, and gate agents should have it by the end of the year.

10. United will adopt a "no questions asked" policy to reduce the red tape involved in issuing compensation for permanently lost luggage. Starting in June, the carrier will pay passengers $1,500 for a lost bag and its contents.




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