McDonalds is Discontinuing One of Their Popular Drinks...And People Are NOT Happy

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Starting next week, McDonald's will begin phasing out the classic Hi-C Orange Lavaburst.


They are replacing the drink with a "Sprite Tropicberry."

Do they know they are messing with CHILDHOOD MEMORIES?!

People have even gone as far as starting a petition to stop McDonalds from doing it.

Best believe I'm signing it. Do better McDonalds.

First the #FatBoys break up now this... #McDonalds will phase out #HiCOrange beginning this July. According to the memo, the chain is introducing a new “proprietary” beverage called Sprite TropicBerry that will be served exclusively at McDonald’s locations. It’s part of the company’s partnership with Coca-Cola. Well damn... Posted by: @SexceeOnassis

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