This is Why Questlove Is My New Favorite Person (WATCH)

Video recently surfaced of Questlove jamming out with a street performer, who has been identified as a 15-year-old named Darius, while in New Orleans for the annual Jazz Fest. 

The footage shows Questlove come up to Darius with a bucket and some sticks, and within a few seconds, he jumps in on the beat.

Common shared a message about the teen on Facebook. 

He wrote, "A few days ago I put a video up of a random kid performing on the streets. Since then, I've got to know his story and more importantly, found out that he's a great person as well as a great student. Today I had Questlove roll up on Darius for an impromptu jam session. And afterwards, Questo gave him a drum set!"

Check out the video below!




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