Yes, The Male Romper Is Now a Thing

What started out as a grad school independent study project between four college students is proving to be a novel idea, that has received the backing of over 1,000 people on Kickstarter and raised over $100,000 in 48 hours.

The RompHim is a romper for men. The line was created by ACED Design, which is comprised of Northwestern University classmates.

The RompHim Kickstarter page gives them 27 more days to meet their mark, albeit they've already surpassed that expectation ten fold.

Supporters are invited to donate as little as $5 out of the kindness of their hearts, or $25 if they'd like a RompHim patch to go along with their contribution. A cool $90 will get you the "Early Adapter Special" which gives you an original RompHim romper. 

There are also packages for $175 and $255.

Despite the cash, it is apparent many are willing to put down to get in on the craze, not everyone is about the RompHim. Coverage on the campaign drew more criticism than it did support, with Twitter trolls attacking the viral subject. 

"TODAY IS CANCELLED. THIS ROMPHIM IS TEW MUCH. You a dude who wants to wear a romper? BUY A ROMPER. GOD. SO stressed. I need an avocado toast," one agitated critic wrote upon learning of the new romper for men.




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