This Video of a Sea Lion Grabbing a Girl From a Pier is FRIGHTENING (WATCH)

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This video is nuts. 

A young girl in Canada was pulled off a pier by a sea lion. She was feeding the sea lion bread crumbs with her family when the animal jumped up and pulled her into the water. 

You can see in the video a man jumps in and saves her, and the sea lion is no where to be found.

Insane video, check it out below....

야생동물인데다가 육식허는 녀석인디 너무 동물원 모습에 익숙해서 그런가; 안전불감증인듯 큰일날뻔했네 구해준 할아버님 진짜 멋지심..👍 #바다사자 #sealion #할아버지 #구조 #놀람 #멋짐 #야생동물

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