A T-Pain Fan Asked Him For A Yearbook Quote...Here's What Happened Next

T-Pain gave one lucky student a special quote for his yearbook via Twitter.

The auto-tune crooner responded to a high school student named Gabriel Silvan who hit him up on Twitter back in Dec. 2016 requesting a quote for his yearbook.

T-Pain obliged and gave him one.

Silvan’s yearbook was completed earlier this month and he took a picture of his photo with the T-Pain quote underneath and posted it on Twitter last week. 

The singer acknowledged the gesture and complimented Silvan for using the quote for the yearbook. “Man. This. This is the kind of sh*t I live for you did it bro. Killed it. Good job man slow clap,” tweeted Pain. 

Silvan is a student at Kentwood High in Covington, Washington.

He recently told BuzzFeed about what initially drew him to T-Pain. “I have been a fan of [the singer] since around 2007 because my older sister gave me her old MP3 and it had a couple of songs on it,” he said. 

Check out the exchange and pic below!




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