Dan Bilzerian and His "Rich People Problems" (VIDEO)

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Dan Bilzerian, who seemingly lives the most unreal life, does run into problems sometimes.

His friend Jack Wagner posted this video on Instagram the other day of Dan trying to get his jet ski out of the sand. 

The struggle was real for the 36-year old playboy millionaire.

We all have problems of our own right?

Check out the video below and Wagner's hilarious caption to it.

posting this just so u know not every day me and my best bud @danbilzerian have together is perfect. we took dan’s jetski out this morning to do what we call a “Malibu Fishing Trip”- its where we launch dan’s jetski in malibu then ride all the way down to the dockside Hooters near the port of long beach (long way i know but were going fast as shit obviously) once we get to hooters, dan does a ton of donuts and flexes until a bunch of the waitresses run out and try swimming towards dan lmao! then dan calls a couple uber XL’s to take the hooters waitresses back to his place and we try to race the ubers back to malibu hahaha. once we get to dan’s crib you know whats going down (sex, lots of it, dan banging the ‘catch of the day’ lmfao) but anywho, we got to malibu and dan started having some trouble launching the jetski, total bummer. I tried to help but he got super agitated. hes been taking alex jones’ supplements and i think they’ve been making him a little on edge. He told me basically to go wait up here at Nobu until he gets it launched so here i am sucking down a couple mai tai’s feeling a little dejected tbh. just posting this for anyone who thinks dan never struggles- i know it all looks like fun and games but dan had to overcome tons of obstacles just like this to get to where he is. hopefully he gets it in the water soon so we can do some ‘fishing’

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