Safety Tips to Avoid Great Whites on Cape Cod

As the summer season brings tourists to the Cape it also brings Great White Sharks and the Cape Cod National Seashore is offering tips on how to stay safe.

Sharks sightings have increased in the region with the increase of the population of grey seals – their food source.

Seashore officials are reminding the public to not swim near seals, stay close to shore, paddle, kayak or surf in groups, and avoid swimming alone at dawn or dusk.

Swimmers should also avoid splashing and not wear shiny jewelry.

Great white shark attacks on humans are rare but an incident did occur in Truro in 2012.

Beachgoers should also follow the instructions of lifeguards, become familiar with the beach flag warning system and take time to read signage at the beaches.

The national seashore, Cape Cod and Islands towns, the Massachusetts Shark Research Program and the Atlantic White Shark Conservancy have collaborated to create shark advisory signs for beaches and brochures that provide education and safety tips for beach visitors.

Be safe out there!




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