Rob Kardashian Could Face Jail Time For Posting Blac Chyna Nude Photos

Rob Kardashian violated California's revenge porn law and could face jail time after he posted nude photos of Blac Chyna online during a social media meltdown.

Lisa Bloom - who won a revenge porn case involving actress Mischa Barton last month — believes Kardashian's actions violated a law that was instituted in California in 2013 that spells out what the court considers to be revenge porn.

The person must intentionally distribute the image despite there being an understanding that it be kept private, and do so with the intention of causing emotional distress. The person pictured in the image then must suffer emotional distress.

Bloom believes Kardashian's actions fit this criteria, and said jail could be on the table.

"The criminal penalty is up to six months in jail," she said. "If she sued him for money damages, the amount she received would depend on the emotional distress she suffered. Given that he has a large social media following, if the jury was sympathetic to her, she could recover millions."

Kardashian posted the photos as part of a heated social media tirade today, during which he accused Chyna of repeatedly cheating on him with multiple men.

The explicit photos have since been removed from his Instagram page.




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