This Video of Rare Siberian Tiger Septuplets Will Give You All The Feels

A zoo in southwest China has welcomed septuplet Siberian tigers. 

The mother gave birth to seven cubs after a three-hour-long labour at the Yunnan wildlife park in China's Yunnan province.

It comes as China works hard to increase the number of Siberian tigers, considered to be endangered by the International Union for Conservation of Nature. 

The mother and septuplets are in a good condition. 

The tiger cubs will be fed by breeders after they reach one month old as seven is too many for the mother to continue to feed. 

There are around 100 Siberian tigers at the Yunnan Wildlife Park. 

Li Youlong who is in charge of animal management at the park said that the successful delivery and survival of septuplets was a rare feat. 

Check out the amazing video below...




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