Sprint Accidentally Sends Man $139K (VIDEO)

An Ohio phone service customer became the recipient of a six-figure sum in credits almost immediately after switching providers recently. Thanks to his honest integrity the money was returned, as was all of the personal credit card account information he wound up with due to the error.

Michael Jett of Blue Ash, OH spoke with a local news outlet about how he began getting alerts informing him of the credits within hours of signing up for Sprint. While his change to Sprint was motivated by a great promotion that offered him one full year of free service, he knew something was off about all that he was being granted. 

"I noticed MasterCards, American Express and Visa cards sending credits to my account, with confirmation numbers, but none of those cards were mine," Jett told a local ABC News affiliate.

Sent $139,000 in credits to be precise, Jett reflected on what kind of danger those who the accounts belonged to were open to if he can so easily be given access to their information. .

"We confirmed with Mr. Jett that his online account was set up incorrectly. He was set up on an account used to process payments within our systems," Sprint spokesperson Roni Singleton explained. "He has no balance. 

His account has now been updated with the correct information so he will no longer receive bill alerts. 

What would you have done if money started appearing in your account?




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