Could 'The Rock' Be Gearing Up for a 2020 Presidential Run?

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson may very well be entering the 2020 Presidential race.

Although it's not confirmed if the "Run The Rock 2020" campaign is officially tied to The Rock, it's been confirmed that the campaign is now registered with the Federal Election Committee. 

According to The Hill, The Rock was registered by a Kenton Tilford and it's unclear what his connection to Johnson is.

As of right now Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson now has a committee and campaign. It's possible that this is a play on The Rock's guest appearance on Saturday Night Live where he joked about running for president. 

The fictional campaign, "The Rock 2020," was introduced to us on the season finale of SNL

Could he really be preparing a run as POTUS??




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