SUV Lands on Man's Roof After Going Airborne (VIDEO)

An SUV that sped along a town in St. Louis wound up rocketing into the air and landing on the roof of a home perched atop a small hill on Sunday.

Scenes from the wreckage have astounded onlookers, who've expressed befuddlement over how the 4,500-pound machine got high enough in the air to wind up lodged in the highest point of the Walnut Park West street. 

Video of the incident was posted onto Facebook by the St. Louis Fire Department and by yesterday afternoon had  over 130,000 views. After working for an hour to remove the driver from the 2003 GMC Envoy, it reportedly took an additional three hours to get the car off of 66-year-old Bruce Redding's property.

Redding had reportedly been at the gym when the accident unfolded and returned only to find that he would have to seek shelter with family for the immediate future. 




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