Bill Belichick Did Pushups With The Patriots After A Failed Drill Yesterday


The most unforgettable moment in yesterday's joint practice with the Patriots and Jaguars came at the end.

With the Patriots' third-unit offense working against the Jaguars' third-string defense in the red zone, the sides made it a friendly competition: The unit that lost the matchup would have to hit the deck for 10 pushups.

It came down to the final play, and quarterback Jacoby Brissett handed off to running back DJ Foster, who met some initial resistance at the line of scrimmage before bouncing to the right side and darting into the end zone.

But since there wasn't live tackling, it turned into a judgment call by the coach running the drill, Bill Belichick.

With a smile, Belichick looked to the Jaguars sideline and declared that Foster would have been tackled in a live situation, and thus made his team the loser.

In doing so, Belichick dropped to the ground and ripped off 10 pushups.

Every Patriots player in the drill followed his lead with no debate. Jaguars defenders celebrated.

Bravo Bill. Bravo.

(No video has surfaced yet. But he reportedly did 10 pushups with EXCELLENT form)



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