What Was the One Thing McGregor Said About Mayweather That Made Him Mad?

Conor McGregor said a lot of things during his recent promotional tour with Floyd Mayweather.

He accused Mayweather of not being able to read. He also accused him of being broke. And on not one but two different occasions, he referred to Mayweather as a "boy" which sparked a lot of outrage amongst people and caused many to label McGregor a racist.

But according to Mayweather, none of those things got under his skin. However, there was one comment that McGregor made during the promo tour for their Aug. 26 fight that did rub Mayweather the wrong way.

During the very first stop on their promo tour in Los Angeles, Mayweather and McGregor did separate interviews with Guillermo from Jimmy Kimmel Live. And while speaking with Guillermo, McGregor was asked if he would win a fight against Sylvester Stallone‚Äôs character in Rocky III. McGregor responded by trying to remember which movie Guillermo was referring to, and in the process, he seemed to make a racist remark regarding several black boxers portrayed in the film by calling them monkeys.

Hear Floyd's comments below, and after that check out the original comment by McGregor.

Can't wait for Aug. 26th!




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