Teen With Health Crisis During Hurricane Harvey Uses Siri for Rescue WATCH

A teenage girl suffered a painful sickle cell anemia related crisis at the same time her family was being forced out of her home due to Hurricane Harvey

Tyler Frank, 14, was dealing with intense pain and high fever during a sickle cell spell when the flood waters began to engulf her home. Tyler's brother carried her to the roof while the family contemplated on what to do next. Tyler, a literal child of the tech-age, decided that she'd enlist the help of Siri to get her family to safety.

Tyler told reporters "I was like, ‘Siri’s smart enough! Let me ask her!" Tyler was able to get through to the Coast Guard and they arrived the following afternoon, however, the Frank family was told by the Guard that the rescue operation was only for elderly and those with life-threatening situations. After Tyler contacted the Coast Guard a second time, only now running a 103-degree fever, the Guard rescued the family.

Amazing story check out the video below...




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