LMAO A Woman Actually Put This Actor's Face on Her Debit Card

Terry Crews is one of the most loved figures in Hollywood, but his possibly his most popular character was anything but.

Crews played the father on the hit TV series Everybody Hates Chris who was the quintessential cheap-dad. A still frame of Crews from the show which captures his mean-mug has become one of the most reused meme images as well. So when a fan decided to use the image of Crews for her debit card to help deter reckless spending she found that she couldn't get the photo authorized without Crews' permission. 

The woman, Darrel Kennedy, took to Twitter to ask for help in getting Terry Crews to grant her permission to use the photo tweeting, "They rejected my request because they said i needed written approval from @terrycrews Can y’all RT or tag him..."

Kennedy's tweet went viral in under an hour prompting a welcomed response from Crews who tweeted out: “I approve. Signed, Terry Crews,”





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