Map Shows Favorite Thanksgiving Dinner Sides For Every State

At this point, we’re gonna go ahead and guess that you’ve had enough of the red versus blue states maps for a while. So, instead, here’s something a little more festive - a breakout of the top Thanksgiving dinner sides for every state!

Sure, the Turkey is the centerpiece, but we all have our favorite sides that really make the meal. So, the people at Zippia created this map of Americans’ favorite Thanksgiving sides by state, using data from Google Trends to find the most popular choice among 20 traditional side dishes.

Mashed potatoes scored a decisive victory, earning the top spot in a nation-leading 10 states. Comfort food fave mac & cheese was the second most popular, winning seven states. Stuffing, rolls and the often-polarizing green bean casserole also finished high.

Some people might call fowl (like turkey… get it?) over Maine’s alleged pick – side salad – but different strokes for different folks, I suppose.

Check out the full results from Zippia here.

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