Former Patriot Player Kills 5 People In Shocking Murder/Suicide

Former Patriot player Phillip Adams, who played on defense during the 2011 season was named the gunman in shocking murder/suicide in Rock Hill, SC.

Adams murdered his former doctor and his doctor's wife as well as 2 of their grandchildren. Adams also murdered a man who was working at the home of the doctor. A 6th victim is in the hospital with serious injuries. After the murders Adams turned the gun on himself.

The motive is still not known at this time. His father did speak out about his son which you can watch here. Adams father did say he believed 'football messed him up.'

There has been a lot of talk in recent years about football being extremely dangerous for players' brains causing them to be violent and have mental health issues that could be avoided if their brains were not subjected to the trauma football adds.

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Photo: Getty Images