Watch Shoplifter Get Abandoned By Her Getaway Driver

A newly-viral video of a shoplifting woman shows that there’s no honor among thieves, as the woman's getaway driver leaves her in the dust while she’s holding an entire rack of stolen athletic pants.

The video, which was uploaded by TikTok account @faxisfax, shows the woman run up to what looks to be her getaway car, only to find the door locked. She then screams to the driver and knocks on the windows and mirrors. The driver’s response? They peel out of the parking lot in a hurry. The shoplifter then drops the stolen goods and runs from what looks to be a security guard or police officer. The second part of the video shows the shoplifting woman in handcuffs. The caption on the video reads “Nice Little Saturday…”

@faxisfax mentions in replies that the incident took place on Saturday outside of a Hibbit Sports Store in Edwardsville, Illinois. So far, the video has received 23.6 million views and over 3 million likes.

Check out the video above.

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