#MostRequestedLive Interview: Halsey Hit Her Stride Writing 'Without Me'

Before pulling double duty on SNL this week , Halsey  called in for an interview on #MostRequestedLive!

On whether "Without Me" has exceeded her expectations:

"To be like, 'I didn't expect this' -- I really didn't expect it this time. When I was watching everything happen, you start to realize how your odds are changing. You start out as one of 100,000 hopefuls in becoming artists, and maybe you have your first successful album, and the you're one of, like 10,000 artists who have a successful first album, and then you have a hit single, and then you're one of like 5,000 artists with a big hit single and then you have this, and you start to notice this pool or probability shrinking around you, which is really exciting, but also really scary, because the stakes are way higher."

On her approach to writing such a personal song:

"I was talking to a friend of mine the other day, she's a film producer and actress, and she and I were talking about how we live in this world where people are so busy trying to figure out how they can market and make money off a thing they haven't even made yet. People will be planning a promotion tour, and advertising, for a movie that's not even done. People will be planning promo and strategy and algorithms for a song that's not even finished or an album that's not even done. I think because people put so much energy into the marketing part of it first, sometimes the art can suffer because there's energy lost that could be put into making good art. "Without Me" I wrote because I had to get something off my chest, I wasn't thinking about putting out a song."

On why now was the right time to make a new album:

"I think I just hit a stride once I wrote 'Without Me.' You know when something's really difficult, and then you figure out the easy way to do it or the right way to do it and you're just like, 'Oh, it was that easy the whole time!?' I kind of think with 'Without Me,' I just approached a new way of writing that was really authentic, and really me, and basically what I did was I just stopped playing stuff for people, which is gonna sound really crazy. Whenever I used to work in the studio it was a really fun thing, and you start making music because you want your friends to like it, and then you get successful and you want your fans to like it... but I've always been that way so I had all these people in the studio with me, and I was always like, 'What do you think of this part? What do you think of this part? What do you think of this part?' For these records I'm writing now I'm not letting anyone hear them until they're done."

On her new process of not sharing her music during creation:

"Totally, and it gives me the freedom to also change my mind as the record grows. Instead of writing a song, and playing it for completely everyone, a couple months later if I'm like I don't know if that song feels like me anymore, I wanna do this instead, you don't have a million people at your door being like, 'I don't know, I really like that one,' and then they start to get in your head... this whole process for me is about gut, this record's about my instinct, and everyone I know is freaking out because I'm usually so open, and I'm always playing stuff for people, and I'm like, 'Nope, no one's gonna hear it until it's done.'"

Listen to Halsey's full interview below!

Check out the video for Halsey's "Without Me" below.

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