Billie Eilish Asks Kids Where They Go When They Sleep And It's Hilarious

Billie Eilish's debut album, When We Fall Asleep Where Do We Go?, is by far one of the best albums of the year. But have you ever really asked yourself, “When we fall asleep where do we go?”

Have no fear, the 17-year-old singer contemplated the question with the help of some pretty adorable children during a Jimmy Kimmel Live! segment called 'Billie Eilish Dreamcatcher.'

As you'll see in the above clip, the kids have some pretty interesting answers when she asks them. “Well, you could pretty much go anywhere!” the first little boy says. “Like the desert, like India, like the West times, or the mummy times, or the dinosaur times.” He's not wrong!

Next up, the “when the party's over” singer asks another important question to the children: “Where do you think your parents go when they fall asleep?” You may think they'd be stumped but one little kid has a perfect answer.

“They just stay in their bed and sometimes they wanna take off their pajama shirt,” he says. This, naturally, causes Eilish to laugh.

She also asks a little girl the weirdest thing that's ever happened to her in a dream (zombie attack if you were wondering), and the others if they eat food in their sleep, and the best bedtime story (one boy said scary stories like Pennywise — eek!). Maybe we can expect her to grab some music video inspiration from these stories since she's known to have some pretty creepy visuals.

If you're wondering what she's dreaming of, there's a good chance it's either about her new song or winning at the Grammys after her history-making nominations that made her the youngest artist in history to ever be nominated in all four big categories!

Photo: Getty Images

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