NBA's Chef Lex Takes Us Inside the Bubble, Teases LeBron's Secret Juice

Credit: Getty / OAWRS Zoom / Instagram

Chef Lex was amongst the 10 chefs inside the NBA bubble prior to the Lakers taking home the 2020 championship win. The food guru, who has worked with the likes of Oprah and Meek Mill, was inside the "bubble" with the teams and responsible for making their meals.

"It was à la carte so guys would be able to order from the night before or as they wanted," Chef Lex shared with foodie Ryan Seacrest. "Everything was just done in-house and on the NBA campus."

So what kinds of food were the pros ordering? Everything from cheat meals to juices.

"I did actually all of the juices for the Lakers," Chef Lex added. "Like green juice[s]. I don't want to give away the man's [LeBron James] secrets now, but it was fresh pressed juice," she teased when Seacrest asked about the champ's order.

Listen back to find out more from Chef Lex, including how she's made healthy comfort food her speciality.

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