The Best Tracks (& Why!) on Alessia Cara's New Album

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When you end things with someone do you keep watching their social media & torture yourself or do you unfollow & delete delete delete?

Alessia Cara’s new album “In the Meantime” just came out so naturally I spent some time with it and there is this song called “Bluebird” that is so freaking good and heartbreaking at the same time.

The lyrics cut deep:

“bluebird in the spring. Told me that your new girl makes you sing. Guess my loving only clipped your wings. So, i let you go.”

“i miss you, i do, but i wasn’t for you.

You look happier, i checked, of course…”

But it got me thinking! Obviously, Alessia is a lurker, meaning she checks up on her exes’ grams or social media. I am majorly guilty of this too. I wouldn’t just check social media, but I had his Gmail still connected to my computer and would look through...

You find nothing that makes you feel good. It only makes you feel bad. So, why do we do this?

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