9 Things I Wish Someone Had Told Me In My 20's

Let me  start by saying,  I'm still in my 20's ( i'm 27) BUT I did appreciate the ideas that were presented in this article and thought you might like to try to live by them as well. I picked this article up from my friends at The Y Society and it talks about some pretty simple schools of thought that can pay off big for you in the future.

 You Don't Have To Settle: I appreciate this piece of advice because it happens and you don't even realize it! It could be at your job, relationship, with your self image, or anything! Push yourself out of your comfort zone ( it can happen a little at a time... and i can help you!) 

Live In The Moment: .... easier said than done. BUT it's true.. sometimes life just happens and you have to be here to enjoy it. 

Take Initiative And Make Decisions: I am ssssoooo bad at making decisions ( especially about what i want to eat... there has to be a solution to this, right?) Make decisions, go for it, and just START. So.many.ideas. get lost in the sea of false obstacles ... just got for it sistah! 

Want more tips? Here yah go! 

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