How 'The Skimm' Founders Ended Up in You Inbox

Pretty much the only reason I have any knowledge of what is happening in the world on a day-to-day basis is because of these two ladies. The Skimm founders Carly & Danielle were roommates who created a 5 million subscriber email newsletter that shows up in your inbox everyday at 6am. Providing you with important news stories of the day in a conversational tone that has lots of easy to follow millennial lingo in it.   

They left jobs at NBC wanting more, they use to provide  friends with important news stories of the day and from there that's where this huge success was born. It wasn't easy, they were turned down by hundred of venture capitalist who thought an email subscriber news letter was not interesting enough( byeeeeeee venture capitalist.) 

Their Business Insider interview can be found HERE 



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