Should I Eat The Donuts or Not?

UGG.... The question of my life. I struggled with this SO bad this week. The thing is, I already know the question... and the answer to that question .. so don't worry you aren't alone sister. 

Here is what i try to be aware of before I eat things that don't align with my specific goals ( your goals may be different than mine... but that's okay we can still be great friends.)  

1. Am I just thirsty? A lot of times this is the solution to my problem. I always have a big mason jar with some fruit, lemons or cucumber mint and lime to help me spice up my regular life. It's on my Instagram if you want to see how trendy it looks in pics.. but its really yummy either way. 

2. Am i being pressured into eating this? Thisssss happens... kinda  lot. There is a lunch here, or dinner or drinks... or SOMEONE IN MY HOUSE BROUGHT HOME DONUTS FORM WHOLE FOODS... why. why. Peer pressure isn't just for drugs and alcohol in high school it happens a lot in adult social settings with food. I try really hard to just think of how I feel after I eat things that don't align with my goals. One small choice at a time leads up to some pretty rewarding results. Which leads me to point 3...

3. How will this make me feel/ is that feeling worth it? If that birthday cake for your bestie's big day is going to fill you up with joy and make you feel happy inside...... GO for it sister. that cookie form that plastic container from Shaws in the kitchen at 3:45pm going to make you feel happy inside ...... probably not. This is where I struggle. circling back to point 2 on this one. 

4. Life happens. Love yourself 

I love making new friends! Wanna take a class or drink pretty mason jar water together? @thetiffpotter 



Hey I'm Tiff! I'm pretty easy to talk to and I love to make new friends. A Massachusetts native you can find me either running, checking DM's, eating a donut or at concert with friends. I started at Kiss 108 as an intern and learned the ropes,... Read more


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