Is happiness holding you back from being happy?

Wait a minute... this entire search for happiness thing is a scam? ... because that's literally always my answer when people ask me, "so, what do you want out of life?" I was pleasantly enlighten when I read this article form my friends at Fit University about happiness and how your search for it may be holding you back. 

Think about it, a lot of the time the word happiness always has a follow up statement... " I will be happy when... I have ( fill in the blank.)" For me that statement is usually related back to my body and what I am striving for at the time or if the progression in my career is not where i want it to be in that moment. 

Which leads me to my next point. When you are always on the hunt for "happiness" you often don't allow yourself to enjoy the moments you are in now. Happiness is a false hope, because you are usually already happy in some sort of way! If you find this thought difficult, try taking a situation you are in now, whether that's a fitness mile stone, a career choice, a relationship and find some differences form where you were six months, two days, even a year ago! You have made some progression and if you haven't maybe it isn't right for you at this time anyway.  

We are always on the hunt for the next way to be happy, I'm right there with yah!  My motto is "life your best life," I'm going to try to start doing that in the present a little more rather and not so much in the future.

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