How To Kick Those Bad Sugar Cravings

Let me just say this.... HI My Name Is Tiff Potter.. and I'm Addicted To Sugar.. like for real for real. I have always loved treats, my friends/ roommates can back em on this. I use to go to church as a kid.. just because i knew there would be donuts there. So, I am working on it. Sugar  has been linked  to some horrible side affects like weight gain like belly fat, moodiness, and low energy. BUT ITS SO ADDICTING. Some tips that i am working on that have helped me start to get my sugar intake in check..

1. Water:  A lot of it. I keep a bottle with fruit and lemon it by my side all day eeerday ( @thetiffpotter on insta)

2. Talking myself though it: I will literally sit in front of the cookies at work and say out loud to myself  "do i want this.. like really want it?" Then i walk away.. and come back a few times. I try to  connect to the things i eat instead of mindlessly snacking on all of it.

3. Relax: I get real caught up if i slip up, so I try to be proud of where i am in my little moments. 

I love ice cream in the summer( jk all the time) and donuts so when i have them.. i enjoy them. It's not cheat days its just called life balance. There is added sugar in everything! Crackers, dairy products, even spaghetti sauce ( not Nicki Minaj's) all of it has sugar so it's hard to get away from it. I try to stay away from things that have added sugar, there is a difference between that type of sugar and sugar found in fruit, natural sugar. I'll For example, I'll have veggies with my humus or salsa instead of chip and crackers. 

If you ever want to get a healthy brunch or take a class or get ice cream hit me up! I love new friends! @thetiffpotter 

The Instagram below is my ALL time fav donut place (and I have tried em all.) It's run by this very old man so the Instagram is lacking but you get it ;)



Hey I'm Tiff! I'm pretty easy to talk to and I love to make new friends. A Massachusetts native you can find me either running, checking DM's, eating a donut or at concert with friends. I started at Kiss 108 as an intern and learned the ropes,... Read more


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