8 Ways to Debloat in One Day

Yup. I get it. SO lets just not get caught up about it! So many things to be thankful for during any weekend ... but a long weekend even more! the time with friends and family often brings food, drinks, more food... its hard to stay on track during those outings. Here are some tips I usually follow to start my week but we can do them together! 

1. Don't get caught up: It's not cheat days.... it living your life. You just make note of the choices you didn't love and that will help you make better choices for the next time or the time after that.

2. WATER... like a lot: Hot water with lemon in the morning is a great way to start tour digestive system, and then just keep it going form there. I always keep a water  bottle on my hand and i throw a little bit of fruit in the bottle to sweeten it up. Did you know you can gain an extra 10 lbs a year from  just be chronically dehydrated? 

3. Bye ice cream: The saddest thing ever... but just for a few days! how ever long you were"off" for spend that time being back "on." That means cutting out the sugar and processed foods for a few days. It works quickly and will make you feel better.

I found some more good tips in  SELF Magazine. We can do them together! Hit me up if you ever wanna take a class together or get brunch @theTiffPotter 

cheers to a healthy week!  #livingmybestlife 



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