Are You Tired... Like all The Time?!

Raise your hand if you.... are sleepy.. likeallthetime?! Okay well it's time to check in with your body clock. The NUMBER ONE mistake people make when it comes to their sleep schedule is NOT being consistent with their bed time and wake up time ( more importantly wake up time.)

Your body needs constancy so that it feels rested when it wakes up every day! I work in the middle of the night ( 12-5a) and I struggle with this all the time ( anyone else feel me?!) Waking up tired is no fun SO try setting your alarm for the same time everyday.. even on the weekends.. give or take an hour ( or 7.) Eventually your body will adjust to this and will get up without the daily struggle of the snooze button. 

Something else I have been working with as well is not looking at my phone or a screen of any sort 30 or so minutes before bed! My roommate sleeps with the TV on every.night.. that can't be good! Take your eyes off the screen and you'll snooze a little better ;) 




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