Are You REALLY Living Your Best Life?

If you found yourself interested in this post... cool we're on the same page. 

I am always on the hunt to answer the question, "Am I living my best life?" "Am I even doing the right thing?" I read books, social posts, various articles, take yoga classes, listen to podcasts, I even  DM people who look like they are living their best life just to see if they know a secret or something. Disclaimer, I work in the overnights here 12-5a and emotions run high when you are tired and hungry... I try not to dwell because yah gotta just live. I found this article that caught me eye ( because the title is Bullsh**, You Aren't Living and because i liked the way she kept it real AF.) It talks about not laying down in the life you have now just because you are comfortable (UGGGG THAT WORD.)  It brings up the topic of "finding your passion." Damn, people get caught uppppp on that question ( me included) BUT you probably already know what  "IT" is, you are just ignoring it. 

Okay cool, what do i do now? WELL what I do know is, i'm right there with yah. I think i am going to start just lightening up on myself and trusting the process. There is a process for everything and it usually works out.. BUT at the same time i will start listening to my gut ( it takes practice) and putting work in outside of my comfort zone. Start small, continue to grow, find passion in day to day life. 

You are never to old to live your best life. 

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