The World Watches as Taylor Swift Makes Next Move

WHAT DOES IT ALL MEEEAANNNN. So lets start from the beginning. First she clears her ENTIRE Insta page, then she starst sneakily uploading little videos until we bite all of our nails off and figure out its a snake.. OKAY .. we KNOW what that means, right?! All signs point to the Kardahsian / West family BUT as you break down the lyrics this girl is saying some stufffff man. My emotions are all over the place (and my nails are gone.) One listener called me and said she thinks its about someone she was in a close relationship with... Calvin?? Katy?? She definitely has some Kanye references in there but the overall vibe of the song is once again.. a brand new Taylor. And the world is watching.

'Reputation' comes out NOV 10



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