4 Tips To De- Stress in 10 Minutes?

I don't know if it is the time change or the pressure of all the lingering holiday treats that have made their way into our office kitchen BUT I am in need a reset for the end of 2017. Refocus.  

All it takes is 10 minutes to de-stress? Sure i can handle that! Below are 4 tips you can try right now and here is why they WORK! 

1. Go for a walk.

2: Drink a cup of Tea.

3. Write in your Journal.

4. Listen to Music. 

Number 1, is my favorite to do right after lunch, it helps me refocus and see daylight before it goes away. Number 2, i don't normally do but i will try it! Number 3 i try to do a few times a week, journaling my thoughts makes me feel slightly more grounded. Number 4 i do all dayyyyyy ... duh! 

One thing i have been working on that is on that list is consistency in at least one hting. WOrkout, reading, hydrating, cutting out sugar. whatever that one thing is for you. Stick with it and be present and when 2018 shows up you wont feel lik eyou have to "start over." 

You got this! Lets stay connected @thetiffpotter 



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