5 Ways To Be More Present in Your Relationship

I stumbled upon this article and I found a few things things that that would be beneficial for my relationship with Sam. These tips are helpful for any 'ship', not just a marriage or serious relationship. The two i found most important are below.

1. Go Phoneless...Sometimes: You will always be dialed into technology at some points, that's okay! Designate times or locations where you step  away from the screen or mindless scrolling of Instagram. 

2. Stay Digitally Out of Touch: AHHH I am a huge 'digitally in touch' person. If i am not texting, i am G-Chatting, or on the phone ( sometimes all at the same time!) Try to resist being in a digital relationship all day so that when you get home you have something to share with your partner.  

A few more beneficial tips can be found here!

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