How To Feel Better When its Dark at 4pm

Umm.. I usually end up crying for no reason at some point, during the first month of Daylight savings. so here are some SURVIVAL tips for the next few months. 

First: Find Time To Exercise: Not just for your waistline! For your sanity!  It doesn't have to be an intense run or fitness class ( although i am always down to take one with you!) It could be a brisk walk on your lunch break. Anything to get moving.. outside or in will make you feel 100 X better. 

Second: Talk About It: If your feeling blue.. talk about it! It is totally cool and normal to feel a litle sad or "off: during this time period. Don't do it alone! ;)

Third: Try Aromatherapy: This is my secret weapon! I use oils in my yoga classes ( come to one!) when i go to sleep, when i want to energize, or relax! They are wonderful. I usually use lavender, mint, eucalyptus. You can pick em up at whole foods. 



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