How Much Water You Should ACTUALLY Drink in a Day

DON'T get caught up about the amount of food or celebrations you got involved with this past Thanksgiving weekend. They REALLY are a part of life. ( I hear that A L L the time, but they are.) The only time it can become a problem is when we start to use that excuse in between Thanksgiving and Christmas. Out of control eating non stop until the New Year is something we want to avoid so you can walk into 2018 feeling amazing about yourself. 

First Things First: WATER. For the next few days try to drink half your body weight in ounces of water  to get your metabolism functioning properly. Don't think too much about it just keep that water bottle handy ;). I add lemon and fruit to mine to add a little natural flavor. If you cant start this habit now it will become second nature by Christmas. What foods are good to increase water intake? Check em out here. 

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