Are You Making THIS Number 1 Sleep Mistake?

OMG you are SO not alone! Sometimes... you are just tired BUT there is a difference form being  a little sleepy because you stayed up scrolling IG too late AND being tired like A L L the time... 

The FIX?: Go to sleep and wake up at the same ( or similar time) every night! Your body reacts best when you keep a solid routine. Sleep is VERY important. So... say no to that last episode of Stranger Things and go to sleep. I have funky work hours so i do my best but the ONE thing i do every night before bed is stop looking at my phone 25 mins before i fall asleep. I like to read. :) Try it. 

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Hey I'm Tiff! I'm pretty easy to talk to and I love to make new friends. A Massachusetts native you can find me either running, checking DM's, eating a donut or at concert with friends. I started at Kiss 108 as an intern and learned the ropes,... Read more


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