7 Better Balance Moves to Improve Your Life

Balance work is SO important for overall body functionality. For example, when you hold one leg off the ground your brain and your body have to work over ti,me to keep you stable. this strengthens your total body and provides better movement. Check out some easy moves you can do in the morning before work here

p.s come take my yoga class :) 

Hi Monday! How amazing was the weekend weather?! ( I always have a really hard time letting go of the weekends come Monday ESPECIALLY if the weather is nice. Not because I don't want to work I just really like being outside.. like a lot) . . . . I like making the most of my time and this weekend was a great example of how much life you can live on the weekends. Spent much needed time with roommates/ friends/#chardonnaymafia , that puppppy, ran, practiced yoga with my roommate who is in teacher training @smashleyd16 ( picture) i love being a part of her journey. I also saw my dad and family ( snap story) and get this ... I played tennis with my sam and had a bomb ass piece of salmon for dinner. Wrapped up the weekend back here at work 11-5a on #Kiss108. I spend a lot of time here but it's like my second home and I'm in the process of working on my career in a more focused approach . I feel like it's really hard to do that sometimes ( for me at least) because I always want todo 786447 things at once but i am trying to carve my way and find where I belong in life.. it's hard effing work to do that. I'm trusting the universe (or trying to.) We're in this together you 're never alone even in the middle of the night because I'm on the radio then 😂 Checking in with my spring goals: 1. Train for a half( need to commit to which race I want but started my runs) 2. Start working towards exposing my abs( gottttta reign in the snacking) 3. Handle finances ( put my Car on the road ... It's a station wagon sexy I know) Well thanks for hanging with me! #livingmybestlife #TIUteam #tiubikiniseries#tiucheckin #TIUBoston

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