Are You Wasting Your Life on Instagram?

What's the first thing you do when you wake up in the morning? Be honest, do you lay in bed and scroll the Gram? No worries, I am guilty of it as well!  The problem is when you turn your casual check in for fitness inspo or to see what your gals are up to into a troubling down spiral of daunting comparison and waste endless hours on a Saturday checking in on your Ex's Bf's new GF. ( You feel me?) Take a look at THIS article, it opened my eyes a little bit. Instead of spending this Saturday scrolling IG, spring clean your closet instead ;)



Hey I'm Tiff! I'm pretty easy to talk to and I love to make new friends. A Massachusetts native you can find me either running, checking DM's, eating a donut or at concert with friends. I started at Kiss 108 as an intern and learned the ropes,... Read more


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