Here's The Reason You Need a Vacation


I just got back from an extended weekend trip to CA to visit family for a wedding, Long Beach to be exact. 

While I was there it dawned on me why not just me, but why everyone deserves a little time away from their regular routine. It allows you to cultivate fresh energy to to give life.. well to YOUR life! It is so easy to "just get through" day to day. When you allow yourself to step away from your normal box you bring a little light to your life, allowing you to take a fresh approach to your regular routine. On the flip it also allows you to appreciate the normalcy in your life.  Take time for you, travel, stay home, walk away from your  phone, whatever it is take a break from your normal schedule so your soul can breath. 

Below are the pictures from some of my California adventure( i kind of want to go back immediately.)

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