Tips for Your 2020 Election Detox.

Tips to decompress from the election tonight and in the coming weeks.

  • Today is National Sandwich Day ! Grab a sandwich or some other comfort foods from a local eatery while you watch the results. Support local if you can!
  • If you need another excuse to eat out- removing the element of cooking could remove one ore stress for the night
  • Airplane Mode: Put your phone on DND for an hour or so while you spend time at home or an hour before bed to give your brain time to detach from current events so you can sleep better.
  • Avoid social media: for obvious reasons. This helps me when i'm feeling overwhelmed.
  • Stick to your routine: If you have a bedtime routine, follow it ! Results for the election may not be in until the morning.
  • Show love: Make a sign for your yard or a post on social that shows love and support for your neighbors. Think "We're All In This Together."
  • Meditate/ Journal: This looks/ feels different for everyone but is effective.
  • Get outside!
  • Donate to your favorite cause.
  • Start a Phone Tree: I do this all the time! Instead of the normal group text chatter... make a phone tree where you make actual one on one connections with your friends who you normally talk in a group.
  • Listen: its the easiest thing to do- yet the hardest task for some. Engage in a conversation with someone who needs it, and let them talk without interruption or interjecting. TIP: Make it even better by asking questions.

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