Ways to Relax on Your Vacation or Snow Day

Without fail... every year on vacation ... I say the same thing, "I feel like I have all these things I want to do on vacation," and then i either don't end up doing them and i feel the time was wasted OR i do SOME of them and I'm tired. So here's my advice.

What are the tings OR one thing you're going to do that makes you feel restful and fulfilled with your time off.

Here's what my vacation looked like in the month of December:

  1. I stepped away from my phone BIG time... and for me, that just meant not scrolling Instagram. I removed that pressure from my life for a few weeks. Hello automatic reset.
  2. I kept my morning routine because that makes me feel fulfilled. That includes lighting a candle, reading, and brainstorming my dreams.
  3. I set one day or a few hours a week to feeling "in the loop," I get it... you cant totally be away from email... nor do I want to. So I set some time aside to catching up emails, bills, banking ect ect. and when it was over... I walked away.
  4. I wasn't afraid to tell people ( at work and in my circle) I was on vacation... meaning my commitments were LOSE. Covid helped with that this year because it eliminated the run around.
  5. I did not Christmas shop for anyone in my life .
  6. I stayed in PJ's when i wanted to, I watched TV when I wanted to and i puzzled a lot.
  7. I moved my body in a way that made me feel good.
  8. I put effort into friendships i may have neglected over the year.
  9. I did NOT cook, but i baked a lot. I tried new wines.
  10. I put my phone away for periods of time.