This is What the Length of Your Toes Says About You

Recent studies have shown you can find out a lot about your personality traits just by looking at your feet! It might sound crazy but these studies are said to be SPOT ON! 

Try it out and tell us if it matches you!

Big Toe

If your big toe is significantly longer than the rest of your toes, it generally means that you are a creative and focused thinker that is able to find multiple ways to complete one specific task.

On the other hand, if your big toe is relatively small this means that, although you may have problems focusing on a single project and following through with it.

Second Toe (or Long Toe)

 If you have a long second toe, you are generally considered to be more assertive.

If your second toe is relatively short then you are considered to be a more passive person who doesn’t like starting arguments. 

Third Toe (or Ring Toe)

People who have long third toes are usually very energetic and bring this energy into the workplace with them. 

People with shorter third toes generally tend to enjoy life outside of work more than they do during it.

Fourth Toe

Having a long fourth toe indicates that having a strong relationship with the people in your life is crucial to you.

Having a short fourth toe means that these relationships are less important to you, and that you are more focused on your own life rather than the lives of those around you.

Fifth Toe (or Pinky Toe)

If you have a relatively long pinky toe than you are generally a more serious, solemn person and you value routine, predictability and loyalty above all else.

If you have a very short pinky toe then you tend to enjoy constant amusement and are likely to get distracted or bored easily.

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