Leila & Auntie Winnie Day Was A Success!

Yesterday I took my niece out for the day and we had the best day! I also spent way too much money but that's a different story.

First we went to Dunkin to get her a 'Brown donut' also known as a chocolate munchkin, then we headed to bring nanny (my mom) a coffee while she was at work.

We stopped at Target so she could pick out an outfit for her new baby sister and of course while we were there I spent $30 on the most obnoxious 'Troll' music toy that I'm sure will be driving my brother's household crazy but you know I couldn't say no!

Last but not least we went to Dave & Buster's for some games and french fries.

I am also happy to report that while in the car all she wanted to listen to was the new Jonas Brothers' album which made my heart so happy!

Needless to say this 3 year old has me wrapped around her little finger but I wouldn't have it any other way!

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