Woman Stuck in Bathtub After Using Too Much Coconut Oil

Taking a bath is one of the most comfortable things to do after a long day, but it wasn't that comfortable for this girl who posted a photo from her bathtub letting the internet know that she had gotten herself stuck there because she used way too much coconut oil.

According to her post on IMGUR

I've go a chest infection and some fever so I'm home sick. I also can't turn my head. Took some antibiotics and a Valium and thought- i will have a relaxing bath. I found some bath salts. Lit some candles and poured in some coconut oil- now I am realising it was too much coconut oil. Went to get out after pulling the plug and I just slide around like a giant greased up potato in a roasting dish. There is no traction. No grip. Just me and my fat body slipping around covered in oil. Fuck home beauty remedies. SOS

She eventually turned the tub on to slowly wash the grease from her body and escape to freedom


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