The Famous Swimming Pigs in Bahamas Found Dead After Tourists Fed Them

You've undoubtedly seen these guys on Instagram, viral videos, and even an episode of The Bachelor.

They got so famous that visiting the pigs (who've been on the island since they were brought by a farmer in the 90's) became a destination for many island goers- From Amy Schumer to Bella Thorne to the Trump family. 

Visitors found the pigs so cute that they couldn't help but feed them-even booze and junk food. 

When 7 of the pigs were found floating lifelessly this week, officials now have to step in to protect the remaining 15 or so. Toxicology reports show that their stomachs were filled with a significant amount of sand-- the owner assumes this came from tourists throwing food on the beach and the pigs naturally went for it.

So for now, a protective rope is put around the pigs' home and visitors can stop by-- but no food or drink



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