Flight Attendant Reveals the Best Times to Use the Plane's Restroom

Let's be real, nobody WANTS to use a plane bathroom. You're there because you need to be; timing is crucial and privacy is ideal.

How can you deal with your business in-air without worrying about whoever that poor soul is stuck outside after you?

According to Travel + Leisure, Veteran flight attendant Erika Roth has a couple tips-

Best time to go? As soon as the seat belt light is turned off, before drink service begins. 

How long before you get judged? 5-10 minutes. After 20 minutes they have to knock on the door

The Smell? It's bad- the ventilation is poor and the flight attendants have to deal with it the entire flight in the back of the cabin. If you've got to make a splash landing, ask the flight attendants for coffee packets to hang up and absorb the smell while you're in there. SURE, they'll know what's going on, but they'll be grateful for it.


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