Boy and Dog Share Tearful Reunion After Year Apart (Watch)

It’s safe to say that dogs really are man’s best friend, at least for young Lennox Goebel of Tennessee.

Goebel and his neighbor’s dog/bestie, Bogart, had become very close until Bogart’s owner, a musician, had to go on tour.

"I have known the emotional drama that he had felt while Bogart was away," Lennox’s mom, Ellen Goebel, told ABC News. "It was so sad when Bogart’s owner told us she was going on tour, so she had to fly him to California to stay with her mom.”

Nearly a year later, Ellen posted this tearful reunion video:


"I had no idea. I just immediately thought, 'I need to pet him,’" Lennox said, when asked about the surprise. "It felt like Spring break all over again."

SOURCE: Yahoo!


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