Topshop’s New Graphic Tee Has Major Typo


One of the newest items on Nordstrom’s website, the “It’s Not Me Slash Tee” by Topshop, bears a familiar breakup phrase – it’s just not spelled correctly. In fact, the double-error in the emblazoned black script is so glaring, that it’s got grammar geeks going wild.

Across the half-slashed, pink collar, is the phrase “its not you its me.” No, that’s not a typo… well it is, it’s just not my typo… I think you know what I mean.

Coincidentally, as Brit + Co. points out, bad grammar can actually hurt your chances of getting a date. “According to stats released in 2016 from Match, Grammarly, and eHarmony, your potential love interests may be just as turned off as your high school English teacher by poor spelling, grammar, and word choice,” the site says.

So, this shirt could be a no-go for you, unless you can get away with the whole fashionably ironic thing.

SOURCE: Yahoo!


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